In compliance with the provision of section 178 of the Companies Act, 2013 and the Listing Agreements with the Stock Exchanges, the Board has renamed the existing “Share Transfer and Investor Grievance Committee” as the “Stakeholders’ Relationship Committee”.

The Stakeholders Relationship Committee comprises as under:

Sr. No





Ms. Geeta Mathur


Independent Director


Mr. Nirmal Jain


Executive Director


Mr. R. Venkataraman


Executive Director

Terms of Reference of Stakeholders Relationship Committee

The broad terms of reference of committee are as under:

  1. Approval of transfer/transmission of shares/debentures and such other securities as may be issued by the company from time to time;
  2. Approval to issue of duplicate share certificates for shares/debentures and other securities reported lost, defaced or destroyed, as per the laid down procedure;
  3. Approval to issue new certificates against subdivision of shares, renewal, split or consolidation of share certificates / certificates relating to other securities;
  4. Approval to issue and allot right shares / bonus shares pursuant to a Rights Issue / Bonus Issue made by the company, subject to such approvals as may be required;
  5. Approve and monitor dematerialization of shares / debentures / other securities and all matters incidental or related thereto;
  6. Monitor quick redressal of investors / stakeholders grievances;
  7. All other matters incidental or related to shares, debentures and other securities of the company.